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Dancing in the street

Bushwick, Days of the open studios - and apparently also the nights, House of Yes

I had heard that Bushwick was now really cool and the place to go. T H E P L A C E to go. During the day I had been with a colleague at the day of the open studios.

Artists, hotel interior designers, hippies (how come? She was not so old? But would it really work that walking 7 circles on her magic carpet would mean my very wish came true? Whatever it was she would smoke, either I should have the same or leave.).

And I came back for the after show party. They did not only have a party inside in the House of Yes. They also transformed art trucks (you do not know what that is? Really? OK, an art truck is .... is .... is.. well, a truck... you can go inside and there are people making art. Well. They say it is art. But whatever: in the evening they were empty except for light and sound system and people climbed inside to dance. The trucks were just going up and down and down and up!.

One food truck had huge speakers on the side. I had heard the music in the subway station below!!!! Came up, and saw those slaves to the rhythms.

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