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Do not cross railing

NBBC, The amazing North Brooklyn Boat Club

If one incident was a game changer on how I perceived New York, it was me coming from Upstate where I had been hang gliding (a birthday gift of dragon boat friends from Frankfurt, at least I believed they were friends until I had seen the gift). Dropped off the car at LaGuardia airport.

Took a bicycle and drove home to the Lower East Side. It 's a long way to Tiperrary! So I made it to Pulaski bridge connecting Queens and Brooklyn. Stopped there to take pictures of the Manhattan Skyline. Around the majestic Empire State Building.

And then I heard it. A concert. underneath the bridge. Strange stage. People standing on sea containers on a small stretch of land. What is this? Why is there a concert and partying New York and I do not know about it?

This has to change. After midnight, but I I am on a mission to find out.
Yes, Kid Cudi, who lives in Brooklyn, and even David Guetta were right in their song Memories:

All the crazy shit I did tonight
Those will be the best memories.
I just wanna let it go for the night
That would be the best therapy for me.

People were so friendly. What this is? Fundraising party for the North Brooklyn Boat Club. Two weeks later would be the Manhattan Circumnavigation. The what? Can I sign up? Yes? Where. Here, I can pay with debit card.

Michael, Willis, thanks for the trust to take me on the trip. It did not only allow me to see New York from a perspective few people can enjoy.

Members are so welcoming, inclusive, friendly, caring about the environment.
Exemplary. I had felt good in New York. But now felt .... home.

Thank you all!

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