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No, don't throw him out

Impromptu photo session with violinists comes to a foreseeable end. (part 2)

I was in Washington. Evening. Segway tour. 15 minute break. Walked around. Saw this lobby and the three even impressive violin players who gave me a private mini concert.

I continued the shooting, even if I knew it had to end. Yes, I had noted the security guard who had waited for a few seconds sighed and came up to me to throw me out.

I liked to believe these very nice and charming ladies stood in his way and played to work their magic and stop the security guard.

Alas, it did not work. But it was enough to slow him down. To ask where they were from - cool, New York - and if I should send the pictures.

"Yes, but only if they are good."

Challenge accepted.

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